Justice Brian Zahra

Justice Brian Zahra Won’t Protect Your Rights

The Michigan Supreme Court often has the final word on big issues that impact people across the state of Michigan. Who we elect to the court matters because they’re tasked with ensuring our rights are protected and ruling on cases that affect the lives of everyday Michiganders. 

Issues like reproductive freedom and our voting rights can and will be decided by the Michigan Supreme Court. Who sits on the bench matters. 

Michigan Supreme Court Justice Brian Zahra has sat on the bench for YEARS and during that time, he’s shown that he is not in favor of justice for all or standing up for our rights:

  • Reproductive rights and freedom are under attack. Zahra has received the support of the extreme anti-abortion organization, Right to Life of Michigan and tried to prevent Michiganders from voting on a reproductive freedom ballot proposal this November.  
  • Zahra has a history of refusing to hear cases that tried to protect the rights of LGBTQ people and families. 

At the end of the day, when it comes to thinking of who should sit on the Michigan Supreme Court, ask yourself: Do you trust Justice Brian Zahra to protect your rights? We don’t.